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����a&b��ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, good afternoon!


����a: the sunlight in autumn tends to be warm and tranquil


����b:the breeze blows gently in autumn .


����a: the white clouds float leisurely.


����b: the land looks very golden and fertile .


����a: we meet in this poetical and picturesque season .


����b: there is so much passion and enthusiasm in october. ,

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����a: we gather on this nice and warm campus .


����b: this is where our dreams takes off .


����a; where we have a joyful and colorful life


����b: where we can be happy in our life and our learning.


����a��although it is filled with many challenges


����b: it is still our starting point to success


����a: today we are very excited for the sixth halloween in the xiuwen international academy at zibo. we will have a big party, which we��ve been waiting for, for a long time .


����b: halloween is an autumn holiday that americans celebrate every year.

����it means ��all hallows eve��. and it��s also called ��the festival of the dead��. it comes every october 31.


����a: this festival is not only for celebrating the autumn, but it��s a real carnival. halloween face makeup is just one of the traditions.


����b: orange and black is the theme color of halloween.


����a: pumpkins are a popular image.


����b: on halloween, everybody dresses up as ghosts in this evening, and visits haunted houses. it is a scary holiday.


����a: now halloween is a good holiday for children.


����b: children say ��trick or treat�� to ask for candy and gifts and drive the ghost away.


����a: this is the first time to celebrate halloween for many children.


����b: so we will always be excited and surprised at this moment. we hope to be the most remarkable people.


����a: in this grand event, our schoolmates have made scary masks and beautiful costumes.


����b: teachers and parents have done a great job for us.


����a: on behalf of all students, we want to say: thanks for your hard work!


����b: look! a teacher dressed up on the stage.


����a: guess! who is he?


����this is halloween


����boys and girls of every age


����wouldnt you like to see something strange?


����come with us and you will see


����this, our town of halloween


����this is halloween, this is halloween


����pumpkins scream in the dead of night


����this is halloween, everybody make a scene


����trick or treat till the neighbors gonna die of fright


����its our town, everybody scream


����in this town of halloween......


����i am the one hiding under your bed


����teeth ground sharp and eyes glowing red


����i am the one hiding under yours stairs


����fingers like snakes and spiders in my hair


����this is halloween, this is halloween


����halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween!


����in this town we call home


����everyone hail to the pumpkin song


����in this town, dont we love it now?


����everybodys waiting for the next surprise


����round that corner, man hiding in the trash can


����somethings waiting no to pounce, and how youll......


����scream! this is halloween


����red black, slimy green


����arent you scared?


����well, thats just fine


����say it once, say it twice


����take a chance and roll the dice


����ride with the moon in the dead of night


����everybody scream, everybody scream


����in our town of halloween!


����i am the clown with the tear-away face


����here in a flash and gone without a trace


����i am the who when you call, whos there?


����i am the wind blowing through your hair


����i am the shadow on the moon at night


����filling your dreams to the brim with fright


����this is halloween, this is halloween


����halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween!


����tender lumpings everywhere


����lifes no fun without a good scare


����thats our job, but were not mean


����in our town of halloween


����in this town


����dont we love it now?


����everybodys waiting for the next surprice


����skeleton jack might catch you in the black


����and scream like a banshee


����make you jump out of your skin


����this is halloween, everyone scream


����would you please make way for a very special guy


����our man jack is king of the pumpkin patch


����everyone hail to the pumpkin king now


����this is halloween, this is halloween


����halloween! halloween! halloween! halloween!


����in this town we call home


����everyone hail to the pumpkin song